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WWE Smash Brawler Battle Game Set


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Enjoy all of the WWE's entertaining and energetic action with the hands-on WWE Smash Brawler Battle Game Set! This complete Battle Game Set includes WWE Superstar Smash Brawlers John Cena and AJ Styles and two compatible hand held controllers. The controllers activate left and right battling action and let you twist and dodge to defend. Focus on the battle and let the Smash Brawler hit counter keep score. Be the first to hit your opponent three times in the chest, make him collapse and you WIN!
Get ready to brawl with the WWE Smash Brawler Battle Game Set!
Featuring two of the WWE's biggest personalities and champions, John Cena and AJ Styles
Engage in battle by connecting the Smash Brawler to the top of the hand held controller
Snap the two hand held controllers together and let the match begin for energetic push button non-stop battling action!
Each Smash Brawler is approximately 4-inches tall and can engage in battle with the included controller or without