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Untamed Snakes - Toxin (Rattle Snake) - Interactive Toy

Untamed Snakes

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Toxin is my name, poison is my game
I'm alive! I lundge forward and my eyes light-up!
Tap my head to watch me lunge at my prey!
Watch out! These reptiles chomp and have a tongue that slithers
Snake sound effects including a snake charm whistle
Batteries Included

Introducing the Untamed Snake Series. This sinister snake duo includes Fang, the wild King Cobra, and Toxin the Rattle Snake (Each character sold separately). Watch out: These carnivorous reptiles are coiled and ready to strike! Take control & attack your enemies on demand: Tap the back of your Untamed Snake's scaly head & your ferocious pet will lunge forward with scary hissing sounds, glowing red eyes, and an open mouth ready to chomp. Do you have what it takes to be a snake charmer? Stroke your snake's head and his fiery eyes will turn blue. Whistle in your snake's face and he will dance to music. Cover the top of its head with your hand to hear a snake fart (gross!). Beware: Your sly serpent's movements, realistic snake sounds, and light-up eyes may put you in a trance!