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Squeezamals Series 3 Micro 3-Pack, Squishy, Soft, Slow-Rise Foam, Plush Characters (Styles May Vary)


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Collectible Series 3, 3 pack of squishy, soft, slow rise foam, Plush Squeezamals characters. Micro Squeezamals have the same plush look and the same slow rise squish action as the regular Squeezamals, but these mini versions can fit right in the palm of your hand, or even in your pocket! New Series 3 Micro Squeezamals are tiny, squishy, slow rise foam charcters. 1 Size characters, One mystery character included in each pack. Multiple styles and characters to collect...may vary from images shown Each squeezamal is sweetly scented. One assorted, random 3 pack of characters, 2 visible and one hidden. You may receive duplicates when ordering multiples. Special request cannot be made.