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Slime All-Purpose 12V Dual Raft Pump/Tire Inflator - 40034


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Choice. Having to decide if one thing is better than the other. We here at Slime think you should not have to choose. Now the ability to inflate both tires and mattresses can be yours, with the Slime Deluxe All-Purpose Tire Inflator. This rugged inflator truly lives up to its name, using a combination of high pressure and high volume air hoses to cover all of your inflation needs. Plus, its got a built in, bright LED light for those pesky roadside emergencies in the dark. The Deluxe All-Purpose Tire Inflator airs up a standard tire in 8 minutes and with an integrated pressure gauge, you never have to worry about over inflating.

8 minutes inflation time for standard tires
3 minute inflation time for mattresses
12V accessory car power
Two air hoses: High pressure for car tires and high volume for rafts and mattresses
Built in dial gauge (0-100 psi)
Bright LED light
On/off switch
Raft air hose: 16.5cm
Quick connect air hose: 65cm
Power cord length: 10′
Easy grab handle
Tire sensor safe
Includes multi-purpose air adapters for rafts, balls and other inflatables
Part #40034