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RISK Office Politics Board Game Parody Adult Party Game


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ADULT TWIST ON THE CLASSIC BOARD GAME: The Risk Office Politics board game is a hilarious adult twist on the strategy gameplay of the Risk game
THE DRAMA OF RIDICULOUS OFFICE POLITICS: The Risk board game has you recruiting employees as you weave your way through disputes, office supplies, backstabbing, and of course - donuts
OFFICE DRAMA CARDS: These cards offer all kinds of office drama that keep your work life interesting as you try to sabotage your opponents - or maybe they sabotage you
TAKE CONTROL: Cause drama, recruit employees, advance, and dispute as you take over workspaces on the board. The player to have a Manager and an Intern in 4 out of 6 departments wins
ADULT PARTY GAME: The Risk Office Politics adult board game makes a great party game. Get your office mates to join in for laugh-out-loud gameplay and some very familiar office scenarios
Work is an everyday battle. You're surrounded by micromanagers, lazy interns, and coworkers who hoard the office supplies. And to make things worse...someone ate the last donut in the break room. Take over the office with this parody of the classic gameplay of Risk. Move your Manager, Intern, and Donut pawns around the board as you sabotage co-workers, mobilize your workforce, and steal, swap, or lose office supplies. After all, what's a little backstabbing among colleagues as you climb that corporate ladder? Fill in real co-workers' names on some of the Drama cards. Did you spread a photo of a co-worker picking his nose? Maybe you left another nasty note in the break room, or told everyone it was someone else who clogged the toilet on Taco Tuesday. It's the ups and downs of office politics as you aim to move a Manager and an Intern into 4 out of 6 departments to gain control and win the game.

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- Includes gameboard, 36 cards, 4 sets of pawns (48 Managers, 80 Interns, and 32 Donuts), Office Supply tokens, 2 playing dice, label sheet, and game rules.
- Ages Adult
- For 2-4 players.