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Philips Outdoor Light-Sensing Plug-in Countdown Timer

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Easy presets turn off lights 2, 4, 6 or 8 hours after sunset
Dawn-to-dusk option allows devices to remain on all night
Mechanical operation offers simple setup
2 timed, polarized outlets automate your devices
Light-sensing technology automatically turns on devices at dusk
Outdoor rated to withstand inclement weather
Plugs into any grounded outlet to provide timed power
Convenient override switch interrupts the timer cycle when not needed

Schedule times two with the Philips Light-Sensing Plug-in Mechanical Timer. The easy-to-use timer is perfect for landscape lighting, seasonal décor and other outdoor fixtures. For increased versatility, it is compatible with LED, CFL and incandescent lights. Light-sensing technology turns on devices at sunset, and simple presets allow operation for 2, 4, 6, or 8 hours, or from dusk to dawn.
The grounded plug only occupies one outlet leaving the second receptacle free for use, and the built-in mounting loop makes hanging the timer near a GFCI outlet convenient. The timer turns any grounded outlet into two timed, grounded outlets, and features a convenient override switch to prevent your settings from cycling when not needed. Control your day with the Philips Light-Sensing Plug-in Mechanical Timer.