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ORB Slimi Cafe Drizzlerz Melonade


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Looking for a fun, textured topping for your ORB Slimi Café? creations? Melonade Drizzlerz is the jelly, stretchy glaze you?ve been looking for! With this unique topping you can customize your specially formulated ORB Soft?n Slo Squishies?, making designs as unique as you are. By pairing another ORB Slimi Café? Toppings with Drizzlerz, your slimi, squishy masterpieces will be even more extravagant!
? Jelly-like texture stretches

? Toppings and squishys separate for multiple uses

? One of four topping textures available

? Pair two toppings with each squishy for maximum fun (each sold separately)

? Separate toppings after use and store in package to maintain freshness

? Share your creations online with #ORBSlimiCafe