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Magic Sliders Square Furniture Glide

Magic Sliders

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Carpet, wood, tile - the only multi-surface friction fighter
Slide everything as if it had wheels
1-3/4" Square
4 count
Magic Sliders are an innovative way to make furniture moving easy. These square adhesive sliding discs are ideal for moving furniture at any time for easy access for cleanings, getting to vents, or simply rearranging your home. Designed with a high-tech polymer coating to eliminate friction and safely move heavy and cumbersome objects with ease without damaging your floors. A very handy tool to keep around or wonderful enough to give as a gift. Magic Sliders come in all shapes and sizes and install in seconds. Match the size to your furniture or appliance leg and make sure both furniture or appliance and surface area is clean. Use everyday for tables, chairs, beds, sofas and more. Remember if you need to move it, Magic Slide it. Package includes 4 count 1-3/4 inch square adhesive sliding discs.