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Li'l Woodzeez Sidewalk & Connector Set

Li'l Woodzeez

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All of the Li’l Woodzeez love to go for a stroll around Honeysuckle Hollow, with a little help from Woodland Walkways! This sidewalk connector set means you can join up all your toy houses and stores to create your very own Li’l Woodzeez world. Just place the edge of your playsets on to the edge of the sidewalk piece – it’s so easy! Don’t forget to add the green trees to make it feel like the great outdoors. Where should your animal characters go today? The Pass-the-Pasta Restaurant for some delicious pizza? Or maybe they could sit under the tree and have a picnic with their friends? Get creative and invent your own stories for your unique pathway patterns!
Li’l Woodzeez animal figurines and playsets sold separately. Recommended for 3 year olds and up.