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Gilmour Adjustable Impact Base Sprinkler 5800 sq. ft. w/ Durable Plastic Design, Black/Teal

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  • Adjustable impact-base sprinkler with a durable weather-resistant plastic design
  • Easily attaches to your hose so you can water up to 5800sq ft of grass
  • Features adjustable settings to precisely water grass that needs it most
  • Lightweight design is easy to move around your yard for effective watering


The grass in your yard will be healthy, happy and hydrated with this Impact-Base Sprinkler from Gilmour. This sprinkler has an easy-to-move plastic design that's also durable, and allows you to adjust how the water is being projected so you can get the water where your lawn needs it most. Simply attach this plastic impact-base sprinkler to your hose and move it around your yard as needed to water up to 5,800 square feet of grass.