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General Electric 4pk 60W Ca Basic LED Light Bulb Daylight Non Dimming Reg Life


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GE Basic HD Daylight LED 75-Watt Replacement general purpose A19 light bulbs provide a long-lasting, energy-efficient alternative to incandescent and halogen light bulbs. These are great for fixtures that are frequently left on—this GE Basic Daylight LED bulb is rated to last over nine years and cost just $1.20 to operate each year based on 3 hours use per day at 0.11 per kilowatt hour. They illuminate your home with cool, bluish-white daylight light. Compared to CFL light bulbs, these GE LED bulbs feature instant full brightness, traditional incandescent shape and are free of Mercury. Replace CFL and incandescent light bulbs with GE Basic HD Daylight LED general purpose A19 light bulbs in non-dimmable indoor table lamps, sconces and open fixtures, including damp locations.