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EVERSPRING- Mandarin & Ginger Liquidless Reed Diffuser Refills - 3 Oil Infused Reeds


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Lasts up to 6 weeks
Releases natural fragrance without liquid or flame
Not tested on animals
Non-toxic to humans when used as directed
No formaldehyde-donating preservatives
Made without parabens

We believe a cleaner home begins with Everspring Liquidless Reed Diffuser. It is non-toxic to humans when used as directed. Made without ammonia, parabens and formaldehyde-donating preservatives, it is never tested on animals. Our products are made with you, your home and family in mind. Spill-proof and maintenance-free, essential oil-infused bamboo diffusers release up to 6 weeks of natural fragrance into the air, freshening any room without liquid or flame.

Down-to-earth solutions that are up to Earth's standards.