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Briday Who's That Girl Bridal Shower Game

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Every one of us has that special friend who is an expert on a specific topic "Who's That Girl" is a fun game for a group of friends before the "big day". The bride starts the game and chooses a card. She reads what's written to all the girls and then chooses which of the girls will be awarded the specific title: the smartest, most beautiful, most sexy, etc. The selected girl gets a chain with a pendant attached to it, which symbolizes her character. She is then handed the box from which she chooses a card to read. The game continues until the last chain is given out. Contains: - 10 cards- 10 different chains and pendants

Fun bridal shower game with favors/prizes for the guests
* 10 Cards with a story about a character, each card have a matching nacklace
* The bride decides wich charecter metch each friend and gives her the necklace
* So... who is the most smartest, most beautiful, sexiest etc friend?