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Battery Powered LED Table Lamp - Himalayan Glow

Himalayan Glow

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This Product makes for a unique and beautiful gift.
Due to the nature of natural salt, each crystal varies in terms of weight, shape and color. Variation: 10%.
Premium quality- there is no salt in the world that compares to Himalayan salt in purity and beauty.
Hand carved to retain the unique, natural look of the salt crystals.
The Color Changing Salt Lamp is not only beautiful, but its glowing hues of orange, promote calm and peaceful relaxation. Many people say that when they use the Himalayan Salt Crystal Lamp as a night light, or just sit next to it, they become less stressed and more creative. This is a great gift and fun for all!

Salt Crystal from Himalayan Mountains
The salt crystals are mined by hand in the Himalayan Mountains. Each piece is chosen for its translucent pink color and faceted beauty. 100% Natural.

15 watt bulb included.