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3 PACKS Seventh Generation Size Newborn Baby Diapers 36 diapers in each pack

Seventh Generation

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Your baby?s skin is brand new. That?s why we want to help protect and keep it dry with the softest, most gentle diaper we?ve ever made. Our special soft, quilted liner is made with unbleached cotton to provide the ultimate caring experience for your baby?s delicate skin. Seventh Generation newborn diapers have an ultra-absorbent core that prevents leaks and is made with 0% chlorine bleaching, fragrances or lotions. We design our diapers to care for your baby as well as the health of the next seven generations. For every life-changing milestone, you deserve baby care you can trust.At Seventh Generation we do business differently. We believe our products are healthy solutions for use within your home?and for the community and environment outside of it. We are always evaluating how to reduce their environmental impact, increase performance and safety, and create a more sustainable supply chain. We believe it is our responsibility to set a course for a more mindful way of doing business, where companies act as partners with other stakeholders to create a brighter future for the whole planet. Seventh Generation is proud to be a Certified B Corporation. B Corps are certified to be better for workers, better for communities, and better for the environment.
Seventh Generation Size Newborn, up to 10 lbs Baby Diapers 36 Count
Seventh Generation Free & Clear baby diapers are made for your baby?s sensitive skin
The ultra-absorbent, high capacity core of our diapers provides premium leak protection to keep your baby?s skin protected and dry
Our hypoallergenic diapers are free from lotions and fragrances, and the core of our baby diaper is free from chlorine bleaching
New! Quilted liner made with soft unbleached cotton available on sizes newborn, 1 and 2 making these our softest diapers yet
The wood pulp in the core of our diaper is sustainably sourced and FSC® certified, helping to protect the world?s forests and the animals who depend on them. FSC® C115279
Caring today for the next seven generations with Seventh Generation diapers
Ingredients: Ingredients: Chlorine free wood pulp and sodium polyacrylate (in the absorbent pad), polypropylene ((in the liner layer, outer layer, moisture barrier layer) and in the dryness later), adhesives (in the seams and joints), polymer spandex and polyurethane (in the fastening system and leg/waist elastic).

Instructions: Disposal: Before you throw away a used diaper, empty the contents into the toilet, wrap the diaper tightly, and throw into the garbage. Do not flush the diaper.;Disposal: Before you throw away a used diaper, empty the contents into the toilet, wrap the diaper tightly, and throw into the garbage. Do not flush the diaper.